Help me!


I just tried to complete and save it, but it won't budge with needed 3 list which I did. Then I was tried to remove something and save it again, but it still error! And I remove one of them, but it still error which is annoying!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it is hard to complete and annoying error!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry rage in caps lock, but I can't stand it kept glitching it or using same error)


There could be just a typo, share us your code and let us take a look at it :blush:


But it still error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Calm down, and provide us the code you have there at the moment. We can not do anything unless we see the code you have written.


If you have made a mess and want to reset that exercise, you can use the Reset Code button.

If you want someone to help you find the problem, then post all of your code here.

If you need it: How to post code in this forum.


Can you please show us the code?


I can't just show you the code, but I can help you understand and fix your own code.

Which exercise are you working on and what have you got so far? Do you have any trouble with understanding what the instructions are asking for?

If you need it: How to post code in this forum.


Thank you but I figured it out. :relaxed:


I might need more help later though. :blush: