Help me with this exercise


In the link that reads Learn More, add the target attribute and set it equal to _blank.
you can get it more link attribute in html and css part one thanks.


Hi! Can you include your code and the link?
You could also screen shot your code if you prefer that over copy and paste.


The Brown Bear
that's it.


I meant the link to the lesson, that's a link to the wikipedia page lol. :slight_smile:


hhh ok


What are you having trouble with? You didn't give me your error message or code..
The instructions explain pretty well and actually give you the code to use.
Not to come off as cross, I just need to know what your problem is so that I can help you identify how to solve it.

You just add

<a href="" target="_blank">Learn More</a>

before </body>


I need help with the exercise of this lesson


I understand, but what is wrong with your code? I can help you if you show me your code and what you have so far. I tried to tell you what to do, it should be pretty self-explanatory.


yeah it's okk and thanks.


Hey Destanprince,

What @kyleaw is asking for is the code you've tried and your error message. Can you please give us:
- the link to the exercise that you're on and a screenshot of that lesson?

Thanks :slight_smile:


thank you bro..... I'm done.


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