Help me with some programming

looking for web development and help me with some project that i’m facing now. Please let me know if anyone can help

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Talk us through it. Who knows? Maybe some ideas will jump out.

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Ok, so I want to make a website builder and I use an open source one from github
I have a problem to save the content to database like after you make a website, store it into database then post it. There’s already some people that asked this question but I still cant figure it out.

Someone suggest to put the code like this
// Add the button
editor.Panels.addButton(‘options’, [{
id: ‘save-db’,
className: ‘fa fa-flopy icon-flopy’,
command: ‘save-db’,
attributes: {title: ‘Save DB’}

// Add the command
editor.Commands.add(‘save-db’, {
run: function(editor, sender) {
sender && sender.set(‘active’, 0); // turn off the button;

All those above worked perfectly fine until the part where I need to setup my remote store
var editor = grapesjs.init({
container : ‘#gjs’,

storageManager: {
type: ‘remote’,
params: {}, // For custom values on requests
// your SERVER endpoints
urlStore: ‘http://store/endpoint’,
urlLoad: ‘http://load/endpoint’,

I tried to put some code but it wont insert it into my database. so What urlStore and urlLoad supossed to contain? please help me quide though it

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All I can do is search…

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