Help me with my Python code


Okay so i am reading this book "learn Python the hard way", I am not a programming student and this is the first time im doing some coding stuff. i dont even know if what i am doing is right or wrong.
Look at my code and please dont laugh at me :sweat:

I tried to make a game in python and well its not working

print "Lord voldermort has gained a lot of power"
print "The world is ending and dumbledore turns to you for help."
print "He is offering a total of three items. "
print "You have an option to choose two out of the three items offered by dumbledore to protect the world or yourself or both."
print """
Elder Wand = The most powerful wand ever made , would help you fight voldermort.
Sorceres stone = Bring back the most powerful wizard to stop voldermort
Invisibility cloak = You can be an ignorant to the fight and let others fight it.
x = raw_input("What is your first item > ")
y = raw_input("what is your second item > ")
if x == "elder wand" and y == "sorceres stone" or x == "sorceres stone" and y == "elder wand":
print "you chose to have the best wand and bring back anyone of your choice"
print "you can bring back only one of the three most powerful wizards"
print """
1. Severus Snape
2. Grindelwald
3. Professor Moody
w = raw_input("choose between 1 ,2 or 3 > ")
if w == "1" or "Severus Snape" or "Snape":
print "Professor Snape came back only to give you a detention and meanwhile voldermort destroyed the world."
elif w == "2" or "Grindelwald":
print "You brought back Grindelwald only to watch him join voldermort and destroy the world."
elif w == "3" or "Professor Moody" or "Moody":
print "You brought Moody back and saved the world with him. Good Job!"
else :
print "You had one job mate :("
elif x == "elder wand" and y == "Invisibility cloak" or x == "Invisibility cloak" and y == "elder wand" :
print "You chose to have the best wand and the power to go invisible"
print """
1. Will you choose to sneak up on voldermort and kill him with the elder wand.
2. You choose the invisibilty cloak to run away with the elder wand so that voldermort will never be able to the most powerful wizard
c = raw_input("Which option do you choose? > ")
if c == "1":
print "You saved the world by creeping up on the lord voldermort. Good Job you creep!"
elif c == "2":
print "you are the most powerful wizard ever but you are a ■■■■ for not saving the world "
elif x == "Sorceres stone" and y == "Invisibility cloak" or x == "Invisibility cloak" and y == "Sorceres stone":
print "You have selected the sorceres stone to bring back some one from death and the Invisibility cloak to hide yourself"
print """
1. You choose to bring back the most wizard and fight with him
2. You choose to bring back the most wizard and run away with your cloak
3. You choose to bring back dobby and give him the invisibilty cloak so he can protect him
q = raw_input("what do you choose ? > ")
if q == "1":
print "you save the world and end the voldemrort era "
elif q == "2":
print "you sneaky ■■■■ you ran away and the voldermort deatroyed the wizard you brought back and the world too."
elif q == "3":
print " you brought dobby back only to realise he is a free elf and didnt care about the wizard war "

else :
print "You had one job mate :("


Avoid the word "working" when describing a situation - because that's exactly what that word does not do

Establish what you wanted to happen, and compare that to what is happening. Consider why that shouldn't have happened and then look at the code that does the things that should have been doing something differently.

Isolate that code (run it by itself) if you're unable to determine whether other parts are affecting it.
Use prints to find out what's being done