Help me with my first github deployment please!

Hi guys! I’ve just deployed for the first time a github project! Wohoo! unfortunatly, I don’t understand why my multimedia (videos, img) are not being displayed in the site. Please help! I was almost so proud :frowning:

How did you try to implement the video embedding? Did you read documentation for the errors?

I did “inspect” and looked at the source files: from what I can see, you are simply missing the images and videos. Was your ‘resources’ folder ever committed to the git repo before you pushed to github?

Thanks for your reply! I think i did, when i add . and then commited it. i will try it again tho! thanks for your reply!

i try to upload it from the file resources, but apparently its empty. i will add the file, commit it and push it again to see what happens. thanks for your reply!

I appreciate your response. When I add, I believe I did. and carried it out. But I’ll give it another go! I appreciate your response.