Help me with lesson PLEASE



Please write me for the right code to i can understand the sintax


at the end of your if and elif statements you need the :
Then the next lines after the if or elif need to be indented by 4 spaces.

from your example

if 100 == (2 *50):
(space x 4) bool_two = True ***** spaces not showing in this editor so wrote space x 4

Also line 10 you have equality sign "==" instead of equal "=" sign.

Didn't check your logic, only pointing out the reason for the error you got.


thanks i can do that... this lesson only show about comparators... and no putting if and elif


cann u help me with this lesson now.. i cant understand reason bool 4 get wrong


hi again
you have written -1 instead of +1 in your first number

They wrote - (1**2)


i try this and get wrong :frowning:


you don't want the "is False" or "is True" statements in your code if you just set the right hand values exactly as they are written and they set the boolean flag to the left hand values. Try just removing the is False and is True statements from the end of your lines.
Am going offline now, but you should be ok.


thanks i can do this removing is False now


For conditionals and control flows lesson 6, are we supposed to just copy and paste the instructions given to us? I got the lesson correct doing that, but I feel like that's not the correct method to solve the problem.



it is showing syntax error please help


I believe your need to include semicolons after the brackets for the if's and elif's.


Pretty much that's all they want from you.