Help me with JavaScript!


Hi. I have just completed HTML and CSS, and I did not have any trouble or problems with that. Now, I am on number 26 in JavaScript and I am stuck. I feel like codecademy is not explaining things well enough to me. They have not really gone over any syntax yet and I am following directions but I have no idea how these different things work. For example, I keep using console.log but I have no idea what it means or what it is doing because codecademy is not explaining it. It is very frustrating just entering code and not knowing what it is anyway. Please help. Can you start a language over from the beginning? Help!

Thanks, David.


Hi @dronan20

You can start a course from any step in a lesson you have already passed by visiting your profile page, selecting the course, and then choosing the lesson. Once the lesson is loaded you can select what step in the lesson you wish to work on by clicking the very bottom left hand corner and in the slide out menu selecting the step you wish to work on. Although this will not double any credit you earn it will allow you to go back and review any notes or lesson requirements etc.
With this in mind Lesson 1 step 12 covers the basic use of how the console.log() works/what it does.

Finally if it may help may I also suggest expanding beyond CodeCademy when you encounter something that it doesn't make quite clear, I found that although they do work hard at attempting to squeeze as much as possible into their lesson, it is sometimes because of this that I find doing my own research and reading up works out better for my own understanding than just going on the information they may supply.

If you have a specific problem with the step 26 in your lesson, please feel free to post your code and supply whatever errors message you are getting and someone will try to help as soon as they can.

Hope that helps & happy coding

Michael =)


Try here They help me a lot!! :smile: