Help me with exercise 3 in Backtrack

According to instruction 1, I changed the ghost’s words.
Everything was going well.
In step 3, according to instruction 3, I should “Use the new Git command to restore the file in your working directory to look as it did when you last made a commit.”
But after I put in “git checkout HEAD scene-5.txt”, there was nothing changed and there was no error message. I passed exercise 3.
I was confused. I should have seen that the changes I made to the ghost’s line have been discarded.
What’s the problem? Please help me.

Do you still see “balloons” instead of “flames” in the text editor?

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I’m having the same issue as the op. Yes i still see ‘Balloons’ instead of ‘flames’. SHouldn’t the checkout command return me the version before i made the changes?

For anyone else having this problem all you need to do is close the file in file editor and re-open it (after you use the git checkout command, do not run, as git will see this as a new modification)


Yes, same problem . the word “ballons” did not change

did you check your codes very well cause mine changed as well

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