Help me understand JavaScript

Hello guys! I don’t have a specific question about JS , but it JS related. I decided to be a web developer and right now I am studying , but the problem is I often catch myself not being able to understand the JS concept for like 10 minutes , or like not being able to solve the task whitout a hint or a help and after that I just explore everything and write down some things. I don’t really know if I am stressing too much , or this is normal but sometimes I feel like everybody thinks JS is easy , but I get lost in arrays , functions and loops… Is that normal in the studying process ? Is somebody else feeling the same way? I just cannot memorise all the code , methods and syntax … Do you have any tips and tricks how to be effective with my studying? Thank you.

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Hello! I am working through the front end career path and am at 30%. learning the JS is probably faster for me-- I approximate that it takes me about 30s-1 min to really understand new syntax (like let vs var vs const or the arrow inline function declaration syntax) and 2 min for algorithmic concepts like Array,prototype.reduce(), any of the lodash method implementations or other algorithms. However, I have been programming in java and c++ and python for some time! If js is your first programming language, then the concepts are completely new to you and far less intuitive than someone who knows a few more languages already. The position you find yourself in right now is one where you are learning more rapidly than any seasoned programmer. Your learning curve is logistic growth and your intuition and completion time for coding tasks is the inverse of your learning curve. Don’t worry. JS is your template for learning all coding languages in the abstract! Also, know that vanilla javascript is much harder to use than javascript with a library like jquery.

Tips: Just One. Indisputably: The Best Way To Become A Better Programmer is to program…(on a team or by yourself locally with no scaffolding provided by an integrated learning environment (such as codecademy) ) If you were to create a project on your computer within an IDE like VS code and you created a html file a css file and a js file
and you linked them all to your html file, and you completed a super simple interactive web page, then you will have learned by doing–the best way to learn. And you will have integrated all of your languages and also implemented a major application of Separation of Concerns, Debugged probably using devtools, familiarized yourself more with html css and javascript, synthesized all three languages into DOM nodes like a style.color:Maroon.addEventListener(“click”, callbackFn) – a maroon button that executes a function on clicking (you can see this is a compound element that is part css part html part javascript) ; most importantly, you will have worked on what is ultimately one of many attempts at what you will be producing professionally as a web developer. These web page attempts will mature in sophistication and value to a company and they are your opportunity to implement the otherwise abstract things you learn in codecademy.

Thank you for your answer. I am familiar with HTML and Css too . Actually recently I made a project for my school , can you tell me your first impression?
my first blog

I guess I need just to challenge myself more often.

Yeah nice!
What I like: The color scheme is good. I like how you divided the text into columns. The open sandbox button being fixed is a nice touch. The circular imgs look clean. I like that you clearly have a handle on using some state change stuff in your css. I like that you used an iframe element. This is a very good start.

What I don’t like: The ::hover effects are overused. I find it distracting in your horizontal nav bar. There is a resource that isn’t loading. There is no responsiveness ie the page breaks when i resize the window. (Look into using media queries and responsive css- grid if you haven’t already ) I think that there is too much inline styling going on in your html file. You should put all of your styling in your external css file. When the page is in full screen on my laptop, I have to scroll horizontally to fully see all the content.

I think that your main focus right now should be to employ good css layout strategies. Master Flexbox and Grid. Then you should work on making your sites more responsive using media queries. After you master these web developer essentials, I’d start using bootstrap if you aren’t already acquanted. And then I’d start using javascript (Get a handle on vanilla JS before you move to jQuery and React.)

Well thank you again for your answer. Right now I am going trough a primer and 30.08 I start my education in WBS coding school, so I guess a lot of things will become easier for me with the time. I will try to follow your advice and take a better look at CSS Layout.
Thank you !

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when understanding javascript u can understand it more when u know math to know how variables work and stuff
im 13 and ive been coding for 5 years im an advanced js user and i make advanced ewbsites