Help me!(Tip Calculator)

Hi! I have a question about "The Meal" in Python.
It keeps on saying I am wrong with this code:

Replace this line with your code. 
# Assign the variable meal the value 44.50 on line 3!
variable_tax = 6.75
variable_tip = 15
variable_meal = 44.50

print variable_meal = 44.50

I don't know what is wrong.
I would appreciate help.


Can’t figure it out!:joy::sweat_smile::sob:


remove variable_ from all of your variables. the variable needs to be named meal not variable_meal




I would still appeciate extra feedback even though I think I know the answer.


Maybe not. I still need help. Sorry!:sob::expressionless::thinking::persevere::tired_face::pensive::confounded::disappointed::worried::confused::dizzy_face:


what do you still need help with?


remove variables and _ from all variables just like nijamoouse said


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