Help me plz


i get a syntax error and i dont understand.

// Write your function starting on line 3

var perimeterBox = function(length, with)
return length + length + width + width;



You spelt width wrong in the beginning of your function so your return statement doesn't recognize width


i need help with this one

// Below is the greeting function!
// See line 7
// We can join strings together using the plus sign (+)
// See the hint for more details about how this works.

var sayHello = function (sayHello) {
console.log("Great to see you," + " Dillon" + name);

// On line 11, call the greeting function!
function sayHello("Dillon");


Tank you very much :smiley:


When making your function you put sayHello in your input slot instead of name. Also remove "Dillon" from the console log statement. It will say Dillon because you call sayHello ("Dillon").