Help me Please which course should i choose if I have already learnt MERN and developed project

I have learnt MongoDb, Express , NodeJs, React. I have codeacademy Pro membership am confused which career path course should I choose ? I like to do both frontend and backend …If I choose full stack I felt I would be wasting time learning same basics again … Should I choose backend engineer or full stack engineer or front end engineer ??
This is Project I built with MERN and deployed on heroku -

Check the project once and please advice me which course… I am taking course as I wanted to improve skills

Hey there and welcome to the Codecademy forums!! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to learn both frontend and backend, I’d recommend the fullstack. Using the course syllabus you can skip the sections you are already familiar with, like the Introduction to Javascript.


If you’re already comfortable with MERN, then whichever Path you choose from a web development perspective you will be covering old ground.

That being said, you may still find there’s material in the Full Stack path that’s new to you - for example Postgres, or Redux…

Might be worth taking a look at the syllabus and seeing if anything is of interest or beyond the scope of your current abilities?

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