Help me in the topic 4th (acess by index)


Please can anybody help me on 4th topic (acess by index)

Not able to understand what to do there. Please sir anybody can tell me what to do there

I have tried many times what is always says an error.

Replace this line with your code.


HI can you post your code?


Hlo sir from where to get the code??


the code is what you type by folowing the instrution... this part

the instruction says..
01. On line 13, assign the variable fifth_letter equal to the fifth letter of the string "MONTY".
Remember that the fifth letter is not at index 5. Start counting your indices from zero
DO you know how to acces by Index?
IF NOT you acn read how it's works here
you can have some clue here


Where do I put MONTY? This part is confusing me a bit.


well like the instruction says you should put the "MONTY" inside the variable

fifth_letter = #put it here and acess the fifth letter by index here too


Ah, yeah I figured it out now, thanks.


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