Help me I don't know what to do


Editing an existing object

In the exercise, it says that add a key "interests" and give it a array value. I have done this but it says that I have not done this and it does not display.

var myObject = {
  name: 'Eduardo',
  type: 'Most excellent',
  interests: 'Dancing' , 


Hey so whilst your Key is correct it's Value is incorrect..

give it a array value

['Dancing', true, 17]

Would work because it is an array..

Finally, on your final Key you do not need to add a coma afterwards :smiley:



Hi there.

The question wants the interests key to be an array, therefore you'll need to provide more than one interest in array syntax.

For example:

interests: ["sports","gaming","chicken"]


you helped me on that level which i have been stuck on for a whole day


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