Help me how to nest and applythe slogan inside the banner


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it might be hard to learn this lessons,i am trying to understand and make to the next step and it looks hard.please help,lesson 4


Hello @javaslayer57245,

In order to next in Sass, you have to use the

.slogan {
    //Some Code!

but put it inside of the .banner code.

Hope this clears things out...


is ockey but it keeps telling me no respond from the browser,why?


.slogan {
border: 4px solid
text-align: center;
and it keeps teling me,"did you nest and apply the properties to span inside .slogan? help


Hey @javaslayer57245, can you attach a link to the exercise that you're having difficulties with. Thanks.


Hey @javaslayer57245! I had the same problem but it only appeared in Firefox. I just tried it in Chrome and it works fine there ^^


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@javaslayer57245 i'm having the same issue, in Chrome. I even copied and pasted the code exactly, and I still get that error. submitted a bug request.


This is the exercise URL:

I don't see:

span {
  font-size: 24px;
  line-height: 200px;

nested inside your .slogan selector.


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