HELP! Mac Isn't Recognizing Ruby Install


For some reason I’m having trouble just getting off the ground with the ruby final project.

I tried following Codecademy’s steps to setup ruby here:

However, after inputing this into terminal: \curl -sSL | bash -s stable

The next step is to input: sudo rvm install 2.2.1

However, my terminal doesn’t recognize sudo or rvm as a command.

Can anyone help? I’m using a Mac by the way.


That is a weird behaviour of your system, probably caused by the MacOS not being correctly configured. I am not an expert at MacOS (because I use Windows), but based on some google finding:

Sudo not being recognized:
That makes me think that PATH has been messed up, because sudo is in /usr/bin/sudo which is always in PATH unless it has been messed up. Which makes me think that .profile was properly executed, and that is how PATH got messed up.