Help: Loop through .xlsx appending values to API url, write selected output back to .xlsx

I could really use high-level/strategic pointers on how best to achieve the following:

  1. Loop through an .xlsx/.csv column, appending the cell values to an API request URL
  2. The JSON output for each call is big and nested, so I want to identify the 5-6 relevant keys and then…
  3. … write the key-values back to the .xlsx/.csv, each key with its own column, each value the same row as its corresponding original value and accompanying data.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I managed step 1 using openpyxl, but am open to the possibility of starting over if csvreader or something similar could ultimately make life easier.

Thanks for any consideration! Am happy to privately share code if it helps.

Hey there - welcome to the forums!

CSV is a more common, and more standardised, data format; thus, I would (unless my hand was forced) use csvreader over an Excel handling library.

…then you’ll probably also want to be using the JSON module… :slight_smile: