[HELP] - Javascript - Credit Card Checker Project - Step 4


I’m stuck at the step 4 of the Credit Card checker project, the problem is the console return NOTHING, I don’t even get an error, so I don’t even know what the problem can be.
I want to mention that my function validateCred is working properly and I tested it multiple times.

Here is my code that returns nothing (no error, but no result either) - this is something I never faced:

// An array of all the arrays above
var batch = [valid1, valid2, valid3, valid4, valid5, invalid1, invalid2, invalid3, invalid4, invalid5, mystery1, mystery2, mystery3, mystery4, mystery5];
// My function:
const findInvalidCards = (NestedArray) => {
let returnedArray = ;
for (i=0; i< NestedArray.length; i++) {
if ((validateCred(NestedArray[i])) === false) {
} return returnedArray

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