Help, it keeps asking me to add third supporting content div



I have Also The same problem..


Maybe we can help each other out.


It looks like you added your Travel content to your jumbotron div instead of to your learn-more div.

You have things just a little bit mixed up there. You may want to try looking back over a couple of the previous exercises to make sure that you get things in the expected order.

Keeping your matching open/close tags at the same indent level will help you see what you are building.

Here is the overall plan that you are aiming for:

<!DOCTYPE html>

	<div class="nav">
	  <div class="container">
	  ... your nav code goes in here

	<div class="jumbotron">
	  <div class="container">
	  ... your jumbotron code goes in here
	<div class="learn-more">
	  <div class="container">
		... your learn-more code goes in here



Thanks for the solution. The instructions tell users to use the same div from for the previous section which has a div class of "jumbotron". Thanks, again.


I'm trying to find where it says this, but I am able to, could you give me the link please?


It's in the instructions on Chapter 6 in the HTML tutorial.


I can see this:

Under the jumbotron's closing tag, add a piece of supporting content

Is that what you are referring to?


Here's a link to Chapter 6: Supporting Content 1 in the HTML Unit. The last piece of instructions reads: "Wrap everything in a div, as in the example above". The three of us who were confused thought it referred to the div in the previous example (.jumbotron), not the example in the picture in Chapter 6, which shows a simple <div> element. Thanks.


I see now, thank you for the link. The "example above", is somewhat different than the "previous example". It is good to hear how people interpret these things, and will help the next time I encounter someone with this problem.


Thanks. I think we were reading too fast. Thanks, again.