HELP - Installing Python Off Platform

I am having extreme difficulty installing python off-platform. The Codecademy platform has been great so far, but I’ve been stuck on this stage for several weeks and it’s really hindered my progression.

Question 1: What must you install first, Anaconda or Python?
Question 2: My system is 32-Bit, will the same instructions apply?
Question 3: On one occasion, I did manage to install miniconda, however, when I typed in 'conda list ’ as instructed, an error message came up.

Would anyone be so kind as to provide an alternative resource which details how to correctly install python off platform.


Unfortunately there are several different routes to installing Python even before the options for different operating systems so there’s no one-size fits all solution.

Anaconda bundles a distribution of Python with it so if you want to keep it simple for now install either Python from the main website OR install Anaconda. Anaconda bundles a lot of tools with it (predominantly for data science) so if that’s what you’re working on you may find your set-up easier that way. You can always add a different version in the future should you want to.

Both these resources have guides for installation, do make sure you select a 32 bit installer though

Do read them carefully as some options e.g. adding conda/Python to the path are easiest to set-up whilst in the installation stage.

There are a number of queries on these forums and a great many more again with a web search but make sure to include your OS, it’s version and your error code when you try looking for an answer should things not work out.

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