Help Installing Postbird

I downloaded and ran Postbird. This created an icon on my desktop and I opened it and everything seemed to function.

Afterwards, my antivirus tells me that is deleted a virus threat and of course it deleted Postbird. Its a new computer and came with McAfree (or whatever its called…its been deleted now).

So now I download the installer again and run it but it keeps getting hung up. I’ve tried deleting it and installing it again but it keeps doing the same thing. The progress bar jumps right to the spot where it freezes and just stays there.

Anyone have any ideas? Is there anyway to know where files would have been stored the first time the installer ran?


Is the Uninstaller still available in the Control Panel? If not, you could try to find where it should be.

Postbird uses Electron, which uses NSIS for the installer. The default directory for installation is inside %LocalAppData%\Programs\Postbird You can navigate to that by pasting it into the Windows Explorer address bar and it’ll forward you to where that is in your system since it’s a path that includes your username.

Alternatively, have you tried out downloading the ZIP file, extracting it, and running it from there? It doesn’t necessary require a full install. That’s how I’ve been using Postbird.

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You’re the best! I couldn’t find an uninstaller but I just tried the .zip version and extracted it to “%LocalAppData%\Programs\Postbird”, replacing the files that were there.

Thank you so much!

Glad you got it working :slight_smile: It’s cool that extracting it to the path it usually uses worked too. You could have extracted it anywhere and it would have worked.

Side note: No matter where you run it from, it stores settings, etc. here: %AppData%\Postbird If you ever need a full settings reset

Good to know. Thanks again!