Help installing Postbird Windows 10

I have been trying to setup my Pc by installing PostgresSQL and Postbird.
I managed to get PostgresSQL installed and properly configured, but I keep having troubles installing Postbird, everytime I try to run Postbird, this shows up:

I have been trying to continue my Designing Databases with PostgresSQL but is not possible with Postbird.

Can someone give me a hand please?

Hi Kelvin,

To me it looks like what I see on the Postbird github page is that it is mainly used by Mac and Linux users. I will give it a try to do the exercises with pgAdmin what can also be installed with the Postbird Installation UI. What is your take on this @codecademy?

Based on this discussion on reddit:

Is started to look in to DBeaver and landed on this comparison:

Based on that I definitely am going to give DBeaver a try!