Help in writing a programm for university

Hi people,

I’m pretty new in programming. For my university studies I have to write the following programm:

I have to wirte a programm which helps to calculate a cash transfer to the US.

First the programm should ask for the amount of money which should be transferred. From this amount of money I should subtract € 18,60 for fees. This outcome should then be multiplied with 1.2238. After this steps I should see the amount of money in $ in combination with a warning that is saying that the money transfer be made after 1 week.

All this things needs to be done in JavaScript.

I’m sorry if this is not the right place to ask such things, but I would be really happy if someone can support me.

Thanks to all!


Hello @design8564529013, welcome to the forums! There a multiple things you have to think about:
Do you just need to do it JS, or does there need to be HTML involved?

Does the user input this in the code, or the console/browser?

What if the amount provided is only 18,50? Also, what would you do with the money after you subtracted this amount? Are you only dealing with Euros?

How would you do this, after the above step?

How would you go about putting the above result into a string?

Is this just a simple message like The money won't be transferred for a week? If so, how would you go about letting the user see this?

I know I’ve basically restated what you said, but I’m hoping that by giving you direct questions to answer (like a little quiz), it will be easier for you to answer them individually.
I hope this helps!