Help in the Team Stats exercise (Javascript Course)

Hi everyone!
I have a problem trying to solve the Team Stats exercise. Here’s the link to the exercise:

I’ve seen the Help Video several times and still don’t fin where is my error. Console shows that my error are in methods “addPlayers” and “addGames” (I commented the lines to see the problems, and that’s where it seems to be).

Can someone please help me finding my mistake? I’m pretty new at programming and I’m an old guy (42…lol…). Thanks in advance!

This is the code I created:

const team = {
  _players: [
    {firstName: 'Pablo', lastName: 'Sanchez',age: 39},
    {firstName: 'Juan', lastName: 'Lopez',age: 23},
    {firstName: 'Tito', lastName: 'Nieves',age: 56}    
  _games: [
    {opponent: 'Boca', teamPoints: 3, opponentPoints: 2},
    {opponent: 'Independiente', teamPoints: 1, opponentPoints: 2},
    {opponent: 'Racing', teamPoints: 2, opponentPoints: 0}

get players(){
  return this._players;
get games (){
  return this._games;

addPlayer(firstName, lastName, age) {
  let player = {
    firstName: firstName,
    lastName: lastName,
    age: age

addGame(opponentsName, teamPoints, opponentPoints){
  const game = {
    opponent: opponentsName,
    teamPoints: teamPoints,
    opponentPoints: opponentPoints

team.addPlayer('Juan', 'Perez', 46);
team.addPlayer('José', 'Sergei', 39);
team.addPlayer('Patricio', 'Pawel', 42);

team.addGame('San Lorenzo', 2, 4);
team.addGame('Velez', 2, 1);
team.addGame('Rosario Central', 3, 0);


Thanks everyone!