Help in "Next Steps"


Is there something that can tell the computer that only if the user writes these specific words, will they go ahead. Like I tell the computer, "Only if he says rock, Rock, paper, Paper, scissors and Scissors can he/she go on to the next part."


You could make a question with precise requirements, just like any other prompt:

var userChoice = prompt("What's the code?");

Anything I fill in will be saved into userChoice. The correct code would be for example: 'rock, rock, paper, paper, scissors, scissors'. Then, you can see if I got the code correct, like so:

if(userChoice === "rock, rock, paper, paper, scissors, scissors") {
     //do something

That's telling the computer that if userChoice is EXACTLY 'rock, rock, paper, paper, scissors, scissors', it can proceed to the next thing it has to do.


There's also the cool option to give a default answer for prompt by using

var userChoice = prompt("Please enter your choice?","rock, paper or scissors");

And for multiple conditions you can either use nested conditions or have a look at the glossary or google about && (logical AND) and || (logical OR) which let you chain conditions e.g.

A && B

where the statement A && B is true if both statements A and B are true and false otherwise.


I know php basics a bit. There you have to use arrays for that purposes.
I'm new in JS but I do see that many things are similar in these languages. Probably you have to go further in studying JS to see if arrays are used here too.


Yes using an array and a for in or even a for each loop might work as well, but at this point neither a loop nor an array are introduced so better keep it simple at this point.