Help i'm stuck


var strength = '50,000 pounds'
var myage = 11;
console.log('how much stuff can a variable hold? ',strength);


What error are you getting?


i can't figure this out


What exercise are you on?


3/6 i tried to get my brothers help but he tried to and it didn't work.


hello. i answerd. but i'm confusid .


do you know how to do this :confused: plz help me


i think it's the console.log(myage); that part. oh and bandit it's the first thing you said.


i keep on putting in right maybe but it keeps on saying 'error' i'm confused.:confused:


hold left-click over your entire code then press Ctrl + C at the same time then post the code here the Ctrl + V at the exact same time for the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V


console.log(myage); i just don't know


the problem with your code is you don't have a hasPet variable :slight_smile:

hasPet should store the boolean value true


Read the instructions a little further down and read the instructions for step 3 that will work then :yum:


but i'm on the first exersise:confused:


i mean :confused: i'm very confused


with what @number1whovian


everything. just everything.

but i'm on step 1. @bandit


How? You already got it?


no i didn't i didn't pass that part


you need more console.log's

do not delete any of them