Help! im stuck at 2/11


im not sure what is wrong but i cant pass... Help!


pls give a reply..... any help is apprecieated


anyone...? pls help plsplsplsplspls


there is no menu at the bottom... but when i scroll up to the top of the screen,it says im in nano


anyway, what does nano has got to do with this exercise?


what is your meaning?
what is your problem, say it exactly until we help to you


so when i open nano, like with the nano~/.blah blah blah, then there is no menu bleow


nano~/.bash_profile ...... what does this mean/do anyway?


firstboy000 or anyone else please help me :frowning:


nano is an file content editor(such as notepad but show content in console)

now i see your command,the result is:

$ nano~./blah blah blah
bash: nano~./blah: No such file or directory

you must enter an space ' ' between nano and ~./blah....
nano ~/.blah blah blah
then to this command will be create a file .blah and use that.

if your command is cause of go to other lesson or pass the conditions please enter here the link of course and wait until mods see and answer to you


The way you get quick help is by making sure that those that you ask understand what you want to do and what is stopping you.

That's entirely your own responsibility, saying "help" only gets you ignored if you don't explain what you need help with in a clear and accurate manner.

Asking questions is also a lot like how you would be solving the problem yourself. So a good question goes a long way towards figuring it out yourself while at the same time showing that you've been trying yourself, furthering your chances of getting help.