Help! Im in conclusion section and Im trying to make a statement if a var = to a letter {its an error }

So im trying to make a program that helps you make a resume for entering a pro esports team. This is what I have so far:

confirm("This is a resume designed for entering Pro LoL teams. I'll be asking you a series of question and at the end there will be a printed resume completed with all the information the team will need.")
var name = prompt("Write your full name with your IGN. Example: Axel 'The Mexigore' Castrejon ")
var age = prompt("What's your age? Example: do you really need an example for this?")
if (age === "yes" ) {
    age = prompt("Fine. Exmaple: 18. Now answer the question") 
if (age > 100 || age < 0 ) { 
    age = prompt("Answer the question already. What's your age?")
var age16warning

if (age <= 16) {
    age16warning = " (WARNING: Most teams will requiere you to be over the age of 16.)"


But im stuck with somethng “if (age > 100 || age < 0)…”
As you can see it will check if the number is lower than 0 or higher than 100 just so people don’t “troll the system”, its not like it will be a huge problem since they are the ones using the program for a reason but I just wanted them not to be able to write anything but number and I though this would work fro some reason (just for clarification i want the if statement to check if the input is equal to a number)
PSA: if there is a grammar error be sure to tell me so i can fix it

The second if testing age needs to be an else if statement.

You also need an else statement after, if neither of those are satisfied, and they properly answered with a correct age.


i want the if statement to check if the input is equal to a number

For checking is integer

var num = 12;

For checking is not a number you can use isNaN();

num is not neagtiv you have a good way to check it ( num < 0 )


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