Help I'dont know what errors

garbled = "!XeXgXaXsXsXeXmX XtXeXrXcXeXsX XeXhXtX XmXaX XI"
l = garbled[::-1]
for char in l:
    message = ""
    if char !='X':
        message += char
print message

debugging return a series of "!" that is not answer


Hi @methodsurfer92383 ,

You are moving in the right general direction here ...

l = garbled[::-1]

... but you need to carry the concept further by skipping over each character that has an odd-numbered index. You also need to use the variable, message, to store the result. So, instead of the above, do this ...

message = garbled[::-2]

Then, you can output the result by doing this ...

print message


thanks you for your answer ,I am a chinese ,English is my weakness,