Help, i need a guide to programming

Hi guys, i’m a newbie, i don’t know how to start to learn coding… there are so much topics that i’m feeling lost, pls, anyone can tell me a guide to follow?


Do you have specific something in mind you want to buld? If you do, you could tell us and we could recommend programming languages and/or courses

if you don’t know, you start with html followed by css. This allows you to make websites and is gentle introduction into the world of programming

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I want to learn front end, i tried in other platform but the course was unorganized…
to be a front end development, which things i need to learn? thank u for the answer

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front-end web development? Then html followed: css, javascript, javascript framework(s). frameworks are sevral options, take your pick: vuejs, react, angular, jquery(?).

jquery is a bit of a question mark, not that much used anymore. But you might run into Jquery code (base)


I’m just getting started myself. I’m starting with HTML and CSS. After that JavaScript and… so much more to choose from, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Start with the basics, get a feel for it, put what you’ve learned into practice.

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@gabriel0018306396 My advice is to learn HTML and CSS first. That`s how I started learning to code.

Hi. I don’t have much of an educational background or a college degree and feel I’m not smart enough to get a college degree (but not to learn programming), but I’ve become obsessed with coding and will spend the rest of my days learning and practicing. I have a basic concept of HTML (I’m still learning CSS), SQL, and a beginner’s understanding of JavaScript (this is a VERY vast and complex language) and I want to start working on projects online and building the skills I need for employment. I don’t care what my job is so much as long as it involves coding (but I don’t want to be a data scientist), but I don’t know what my next step should be since I’m not in school and am teaching myself everything. I’m not creative at this point, but I want to start putting the skills I know to use and also to learn more by collaborating with other people online, if that’s appropriate. I read books in addition to my online studies and am fortunate to have the time to learn and practice all day, everyday, but with some of the books I find it hard to put the knowledge I’ve learned to use without direction. I think I just need some guidance/direction but I’m not sure. Any help will be much appreciated, thank you.

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Keep practicing, once you get enough html, css and javascript experience you can try to build a website, and try to put this website online.

Then you have a clear goal to work towards, that should help :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice. Is JS not the language to learn to work on group projects? My projects now on codecademy don’t include the syntax used with HTML like textContent or document.write , is there a website that gives broad instructions like codecademy to practice what I learn in the JavaScript & JQuery and HTML & CSS book? And would Python, C++, or Ruby be the languages to learn to create things besides website functionality? Thank you once again and I’m sorry if this isn’t appropriate to message you like this (I’ve never used online forums until today).

no, why would this be?

Codecademy mostly focuses on teaching Javascript, not really interacting with the DOM. Might be other useful resources out there?

Each language has its own pros and cons, and all these languages can do multiple things.

I think its too much to go over each and everyone. c++ is for games or desktop application (and more), gives better performance but takes longer to develop

not sure how popular ruby still is, python is everywhere, from small games, data science and web development.

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Hello, I’m also new to coding. I’m pretty interested in “Data Analyst” so I clicked on the PROcareer path on “Data Analyst”. But now that I read some responses to other newbies, should I also start with “html” and “css”? Or can I continue on the PRO career path?

That is up to you, html and css might be somewhat easier, you get results more quickly as well

but you can start with data science as well.

@gabriel0018306396 CC has a pretty neat course for front end web development.