Help, I am having trouble getting past this!


Oops, try again. It looks like the printed output is 50.71 instead of 54.63. Double check the instructions!

This is all i'm getting back from it.

I thought this would get me the total, what is going on?

meal = 44.50
tax = 0.0675
tip = 0.15

meal = meal + meal * tax
total = meal + meal * tax

print("%.2f" % total)


One minor issue, total should be meal + meal multiplied by tip,


total = meal + meal * tip


What were the instructions?


Dacă aveți nevoie de instrucțiuni, ea caută în sus, sau afli. :slight_smile:

Sunt sigur că a fost în Python, sau Javascript, nu sunt sigur. Puteți să-l căuta în sus


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