Help! I am having an issue with installing Sass!

Sorry, the forums blocked me from replying for 4 hours, because I had reached the max number of replies for my first day. I created a second account so I could tell you. I meant to attach this file as well. Here is what is.

cygwin’s home and your windows home may not be the same directory (I don’t know)
~/.bash_profile would get you the one you want, you can probably start atom from cygwin with
atom ~/.bash_profile (that’s if atom is in your path and with that name, obviously)
I suggest adding an echo message in your .bash_profile so that you can tell whether it was sourced when you start a new bash session

Another file that may or may not be run is ~/.bashrc - you could add an echo in there as well to see if it’s sourced. You probably only need one or the other.

On my systems I just let .bash_profile source .bashrc and then stop caring about which gets executed, it’s going to get executed, period. is probably atom auto-saving (it’s your editor so that’s a feature you should be keeping track of) it’s not something that bash will use in any way it would only use .bash_profile and only the one in your home directory

In your last screenshot it looks like you are editing C:/Users/Avery/ - that’s in your windows home, so if cygwin uses a different home then that’s where you’ve been going wrong once or twice and is why this all might seem complicated

I would expect your cygwin home dir to be something like C:/cygwin/home/Avery

When it comes to these start-up files, execute permissions, PATH variable, that’s pretty much equivalent to dragging a shortcut to the desktop and double clicking it. You’re expected to know it and if you don’t that doesn’t mean it’s black magic, just that you haven’t been introduced to the interface … at all

they are not.

@averymself2, you can’t just rename .bash_profile, the startup sequence is specificly looking for this file

make sure .bash_profile is read, add an echo to it like @ionatan suggest

Alright, I did an echo message, and I think I did it right if it is like command prompt in windows. I did not get an output, which makes me think it is not referenced currently. Here is the code I put on .bash_profile

If that’s not showing up then your file isn’t being sourced.
I’d try an echo in ~/.bashrc as mentioned earlier, because that might be getting sourced instead.

And also don’t forget that you can write ~/bin/sass which you’ve got working, so even if you haven’t figured out your init script yet, you can run sass

I put an echo in bashrc and when I started up Cygwin, I saw nothing, once again. How do I get Cygwin to reference those files?

well, you narrowed down the problem, maybe you can search on google? See if you can find something.

Such issues are difficult to trouble shoot over a forum

bashrc or .bashrc? Those are different names, regardless of whether they seem like details and we gotta be methodical about how we treat names and other things that are exact.

This is likely to print out hello:

echo echo hello >> ~/.bashrc && exec bash

(adds an echo to .bashrc and then restarts bash)

I booted into windows and installed cygwin, .bash_profile gets sourced when running cygwin’s terminal and the default code in it sources .bashrc
when running bash again .bashrc is sourced instead.

I did forget to mention. I set my Cygwin home as my windows home, by going into a file and setting the home as %H. Also, I completely uninstalled Cygwin and reinstalled… That took a while… But after I did that, it still does not say there is a hidden file called .bash_profile!!! It has a, but no .bash_profile!

Also, I will mention that after I did what you said, it printed out hello.

but then you simple rename to .bash_profile?

Which is saying that you edited everything except the file it was, which is ~/.bash_profile when opening a new cygwin terminal or ~/.bashrc at other times which is why you would want one of them to source the other so that they’re always both sourced. (Just don’t make both source each other cause that’s an infinite loop) If you open the file from cygwin then you eliminate the chance of guessing the wrong one when going through the windows tools to open it

The contents of are different from .bash_profile. simply has this in it.


While .bash_profile has all the things it is supposed to, just not in that directory.

Then move it to the right directory, it’s got no business existing anywhere other than in ~

You probably have tens of thousands of directories on your file system.
It’s not going to look in all of them
It looks at ~/.bash_profile

I have bad news. I went to where it is and ran the mv command. However, I put in a path that does not exist. You would think that it simply said an error message. But it did not. Where did it go? I can’t find it. Should I restart Cygwin again? un-download, and re-download?

That would just fail and do nothing, the original would not be deleted

just do
atom ~/.bash_profile
and paste in the content
(that’s all you ever had to do)

I did that, and it just opened up a blank file. Also, I did not have the contents of the old one copied, so I cannot just paste it in.

Which makes sense considering your configuration isn’t executed, so the one where it’s looking at would be blank, yes?