Help! I am having an issue with installing Sass!

Hello Everyone,

I am having an issue installing sass on my Cygwin. I ran the Cygwin setup installer, and through that, installed Ruby. I verified this by running ruby -v on my Cygwin. Next, I followed the steps, which no longer exist, however, you can see them at around 20 minutes in this video: - YouTube . But, after doing this, and putting the code I was told to at line 26

, but it still says that the sass command is invalid! Could someone please help me?

did you run cygwin again?

it could be, if you have an open cygwin, the changes to .bash_profile are not read, force an update by running: source .bash_profile

Yes, I did. I closed down the application, reopened it, and ran “sass -v” again, getting the same results. sass command not recognized. :confused:

okay, can i see you path? run echo $PATH in cygwin

just copy paste the output and post it here on the forum

to verify bin is in your path, you can do:

echo "echo 'hello world'" >> ~/bin/
chmod 700 ~/bin/

this should output hello world, and verify bin is working correctly

Here it is

pfff… there are window paths in there as well. I edited my answer:

run this commands, tell me what happens when you try this

Run them one line at a time? Or all at once? I’m sorry, that may be a dumb question to ask.

one by one, i added this later to an earlier answer (edited), here are the lines:

echo "echo 'hello world'" >> ~/bin/
chmod 700 ~/bin/

this will create a file, then you make it executable, then you run it to verify this works correctly

Sorry It is blurry. Here it is.

okay, so now we determined:
bin exist
bin is successfully added to path.

can i see what is inside bin? run: ls ~/bin -l

This sort of issue are really difficult to troubleshoot over a forum

Sorry, I had to leave for a while.

Here is what is inside of bin.

Edit: Sorry, I did it on my vertical monitor. Forgot to crop it.

Seemed too hard to read. Here it is edited.

i asked: ls -l, that is the letter l, not a number 1.

okay, sass seems to be there. What if you execute it: ~/bin/sass?

can i also see what sass -v output? I seemed to have forget this, you can do this in the same screenshot

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Alright, here it is. I will say that I did ~/bin/sass, and it did nothing, while not returning a $ yet. I figured it was because I did not tell it to do anything, so I cleared the Terminal, and I redid it, this time saying ~/bin/sass -v. It returned what you see here.

i am sloppy.

earlier you ran:


this should be:

what does this output? If this doesn’t work, bin is not added to path correctly.

please tell me you didn’t remove, if you did run:

echo "echo 'hello world'" >> ~/bin/
chmod 700 ~/bin/

That was sloppy from my side

line 33, 34 and 35 in .bash_profile has a better way of adding users privates bin to PATH, maybe you should use that?

Yeah, it says command not found for So I am in .bash_profile right now. What should I do?

then bin is not correctly added to path. you could uncomment the following lines in .bash_profile:

if [ -d "{$HOME}/bin" ] ; then

since this first verify the directory exist. this are lines 33, 34 and 35 in .bash_profile, remove the # at the beginning of the line to uncomment

When I do ls -a in my home directory, It does not show a .bash_profile. It shows a . The way I have been accessing the bash_profile is through my file explorer, because I happen to know where it is. But I do not know why it is not in my home directory! Here are the pictures from that.

You tell me that now? The file is expected to be called .bash_profile otherwise it isn’t read:

mv ~/ ~/.bash_profile

this will rename the file to the appropriate name.