Help getting javascript set up on Visual Studio Code?

So I need a little help setting up JS on Visual Studio Code. I set up Visual Studio Code as a suggested in the following for practicing HTML/CSS:
But I would like to practice JS using the same program. Any help will be useful.


Great thing about javascript is that it’s probably the easiest language to get running out of the box.

All you have to do is make the files, code it and it’s complete.

To actually view the contents, you can either view it by opening up the html file on a browser, or by running a server.

To run a server you can install the Live Server extension on the editor, right click on the html file inside of the editor and there will be a run live server button. This extension reloads when you save to a file inside of the directory inside of vscode.

Another way to run a server is by just installing an extension on a browser, open it and it will be pretty straight forward. Chrome has web server, not sure about firefox.

Opening up the file on a browser has some negatives, for example html-canvas isn’t usable and a few other things related to security so generally you should just load a server.