HELP! For my own project


Hi… Well actually this is don’t have any correlation with codecademy exercise. This is my own project. So I want to build a simple local weather website using AngularJS. When tested in my own place, the code works. But when it will be tested by using IP Location the code does not work.
Can someone tells me what’s wrong with my code?
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Here’s my code’s screenshot…

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Thank you so much…:blush:

You might wanna add a catch block after each then block.

What is the data that you receive. Is it a single object with all the attributes you are specifying? Or multiple objects(you will need to loop).

In the firsts get request you are doing nothing with the response

Also it would be a great idea to create a separate service to handle all http calls to the endpoint API and then inject it into your controller.

The above suggestions/inquires are based on the assumption that this where the problem is indeed.

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