Help for deploy the history on the text editor



<In what way does your code behave incorrectly? Include ALL error messages.>
There is no error, however, when i deploy the message it cuts on the first sentence.

<What do you expect to happen instead?>
i expect to see the whole histpry in the text editor


This programm is called
Mad Libs.

The template for the story

STORY = “This morning %s woke up feeling %s. It is going to be a %s day!’ Outside, a bunch of %s were protesting to keep %s in stores. They began to %s to the rhythm of the %s, which made all the %s very %s. Concerned, %s texted %s, who flew %s to %s and dropped %s in a puddle of frozen %s. %s woke up in the year %s, in a world where you ruled the world.”

print “Get ready! Mad Libs is starting”

name = raw_input (“Enter a name:”)

adj1 = raw_input (“Enter an adjective:”)
adj2 = raw_input (“Enter a Second adjective:”)
adj3 = raw_input (“Enter one more adjective:”)

vrb1 = raw_input (“Enter a verb:”)
vrb2 = raw_input (“Enter a second verb:”)
vrb3 = raw_input (“enter a third verb:”)

noun1 = raw_input (“Enter a noun:”)
noun2 = raw_input (“Enter another noun:”)
noun3 = raw_input (“Enter a third noun:”)
noun4 = raw_input (“Enter the last noun:”)

animal = raw_input (“Enter an animal:”)
food = raw_input (“Enter a food:”)
fruit = raw_input (“Enter a fruit:”)
superhero = raw_input (“Enter a superhero:”)
country = raw_input (“Enter a country:”)
dessert = raw_input (“Enter a dessert:”)
year = raw_input (“Enter a year:”)

print STORY % (adj1, adj2, adj3, vrb1, vrb2, vrb3, noun1, noun2, noun3, noun4, animal, food, fruit, superhero, country, dessert, year)

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