Help ! Error in lesson 3/23 CSS Selectors


Idk what to do with this...


I got the same problem. Help Me too!!!


Anyone know this ? :(((((


Have you solved that problem yet?


the only thing i can think of, is that your browser zoom is not set to 100% (press ctrl 0 te set zoom to 100%)

Could be you hit a glitch, try a different browser


I have tried many browsers and finally it worked with Microsoft Edge :blush:


Thank you! It helped.


No, but 'Im gonna try it on my mac..... I think it'll work


I found something weird about this lesson. I got the same error you did with the same exact syntax, and this fixed it.
At first I had 1px with no space between "1" and "px" and rewrote it with a space like this "1 px"
For some reason that fixed it.


I'm try fix it but nothing change. I'm using Firefox 42.0. Are you have some solution?


So, it'll work with Chrome, not Firefox


still won't work with firefox (43.0.4), tried resetting the zoom to 100% but nothing happend until i used Edge.