Help Desk?

Is there a formal help desk for this service? I am experiencing multiple technical platform problems including:

  • Progress not saved after task completion or after logout

  • Reset Work Space command button not working

  • Copy Solution Code command button not working

  • Old notifications re-appearing in my message center, after they have been read and cleared. It’s like my profile is being restored from a backup after I logout one day and log back in the next day.

I have submitted multiple help requests over a period of weeks, via these channels with no reply:

  • Bug reporting feature
  • Email via the on-platform chat client
  • Discord

It seems like technical support / help desk is made invisible or is intentionally walled off from the users of this service, for which I am paying.

Thanks in advance to any Codecademy employee that cares to reply.

No, there is no Help Desk. There is Customer Support where one can submit a support ticket. The turnaround time is ~24 hours I think. (Click on the “Get Help” link on the home page.)

The forums are supported by volunteers. Have you reported the bug(s) here in the forums in the correct area?

When reporting bugs, make sure to be as specific as possible too. Including:

  • link to the lesson
  • steps to replicate the bug
  • Operating system, web browser info (including if you have any extensions installed.)

Also try this:


I have done all of these things and received no reply. Do you have any employee contacts within this service? If so, can you ask them to contact me?

Thank you for your reply.

You reported stuff here?

I reported multiple bugs utilizing the Get Unstuck > Help Options > Bugs menu within the exercises, anytime I encountered a problem. I have also used the other options as outlined in my original message.

I have yet to receive any acknowledgement or response, and the problems persist.

I’m sure you’re not the only person submitting bug reports…

I know that’s not what you want to hear. But, I’m sure someone will reach out to you once your ticket comes up in the queue.

It is unfortunate and boggling that a paid service relies upon volunteers, and chooses to put up barriers to technical support and make themselves invisible to its paying customers.

BTW, I replying to you now from a virgin installation of a different browser than I was previously using. I will use it for today and see what happens. I will update later or tomorrow.

I appreciate your assistance.


Hi there!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I’m happy to check to see if we have an existing ticket for you.

I’ll be reaching out shortly via DM to confirm your e-mail address.



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