Help connecting to Codecademy

Hey can anyone help me.
I am not able to connect to codecademy due to which I am neither able to proceed next nor code.please help…

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Please help me.

I have raised this issue three times on forum but it didn’t got fixed till now.I am always seeing the same message " unable to connect to codecademy" in Learn JavaScript course.
I am having this problem since last week and I am using chrome.

I even tried logging in with another account but that too didn’t worked.please help…

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are you using a computer or a phone?
just asking because I saw your response on another post and you showed a screen cap of a phone I believe.

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Me too. I’m stuck using Chrome and IE on desktop

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@stphnyvillegas ya I am using phone but I completed HTML course using phone only.

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Now a new a problem started .as it was previously showing unable to connect codecademy now it showing " lost connection to codecademy".but it showing connecting to codecademy first.

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I have the same issue since last week !

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Apparently, it’s a problem with the connection of a websocket :

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I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing some difficulties. We do get some of reports about users with websocket issues and their internet connection, as @diegolito2 suggested. So that we can better understand what caused these issues and have the best chance of solving them, would you kindly provide us with as much of the following information as possible?

  • Are there specific exercise(s)/course(s) that you experiencing this issue with, e.g. this only happens in Command Line or Javascript, starts happening upon reaching a certain exercise? Please include a direct URL to the problem area if possible
  • Which web browser (and which version of that browser) are you using?
  • What operating system + version are you and your students using?
  • From where (city + country) are you using Codecademy? Do these problems persist in different locations e.g. school vs. home? Firewalls may have something to do with this issue, and firewalls are particularly strong in places like educational institutions.
  • At what time(s) did you experience this problem?
  • If applicable, please take screenshots of the issue!
  • Please describe the issue you’re experiencing in as much detail you can and provide steps so that a developer can try to replicate the issue: having all the details and being able to replicate something is often a crucial component for fixing issues!

A screenshot of your websocket logs would also be helpful (particularly from you @diegolito2)

With this additional information I can refer the issue over to our engineering team to add to their queue.


For me its problem with only " Learn JavaScript" course.I tried to work on desktop, there also I got the same error message as " lost connection to codecademy".
However its fine with JavaScript or any other course.

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Please try and provide information for every question that has been asked above. This information is needed to best assist you in locating the problem and fixing it.


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Codecademy is not designed to be used on mobile devices like phones, so I’d recommend sticking with desktop!

Thanks for the information that this only happens on Learn JavaScript. The more info you can provide from the list above, the better placed our team will be to look into this!


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Hello! I have same problem - “Lost conection to codeacademy”, and it happens in all enteractive lessons… Did you find the way to solve this problem?