Help! codecademy wont make defualt confirm popup boxes


I came to this lesson one day to try it again when I pressed submit and it would popup a different box then usual. Think I might have check "don't allow this webpage to make any more messages".


Hi. Can you provide a screenshot so we can see what's happening for you?


thx but I came to my computer a few hours later it fixed itself


I have the same issue...I was do task 7 "what am i learning" in the getting started with programming and I executed the confirm('This is an example of using JS to create some interaction on a website. Click OK to continue!'); command in google crome. in the pop up box there was the following check box ""don't allow this webpage to make any more messages". I foolishly checked the box being interested. now when i go to task 8. interactive Javascript the commands wont run : confirm("Do you really want to leave?"); with the following error message Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't create the confirm dialog correctly (or you clicked 'Cancel' instead of 'OK'). Check the examples in the instructions if you need help!. How do i reverse this setting so that i can make the message once again in chrome?

Cheers Andrew


its fine just wait it out and it will fix itself