Help - codecademy has changed, can't find my code!

Hi, I was here a couple of years ago coding - it helped me a lot and I went off and did some other projects. But now I’m back to read up on my old code and refresh my memory on HTML 5. I remember doing a course with a few projects in. One was a HTML 5 drawing type project. I decided to do hangman and I posted the result up in the forum where we shared our code games etc.

Now I don’t know how to get back there and find my work again as codecademy has changed so much. can I find my old posts again, or are they gone forever? How about the courses I did? I’ve looked through the ones on this site, I think it was an advanced course, but I can’t find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Lh1979,

Groups (and your posts) are gone now, so you won’t be able to find that.
You will keep your points from the course, but you won’t be able to get to it from your profile.
Is the course in this document? I try to keep a list of all the “hidden” (outdated) courses I find on Codecademy :slight_smile: