Help! Clicking submit button crashes the page!


Why is my browser freezing when I submit an exercise?

It doesn’t contain any loops. It is just a simple line of preparing a list of groceries (from the exercise “Shopping at the Market”)

I have tried Chrome, Firefox and internet explorer but its the same.

  • Also tried logging out and starting again but nothing worked
    I tried the option of reset the exercise and doing it again.

Please help, and let me know what could be done to continue with the exercise?


Hello @sneha_t,

Could you please post a screenshot of what the issue looks like, along with your code in Preformatted text (just to double-check), and a link to the lesson? That would help. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the swift response :slight_smile:
Please find the screenshot attached.
Once I click submit the page doesn’t reload.


Python courses are having issues at the moment. My best guess is: be patient, and try again in an hour or two. Meanwhile, try another course or take a break.


I have been trying since 4 hours. :expressionless:
Well, I guess I will try again later after some break.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello @sneha_t, @tristanschaaf,

Currently, the Python courses are a little “buggy”. You should file a Bug Report.

Many of our users are running into glitches and such and we’re looking into it.
All we can do right now is wait. :slight_smile: Thank you for your patience.


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