Help choosing please

I would like to learn a programming language and how to create programs but I don’t know wich language I should choose. Can anyone give me some advice? I would be very appreciated.

What type of programs? Do you just want to create a website, or video games, or something else?

Maybe videogames and some computer and mobile programs but no websites.

video games: mostly C++, or something simple with pygames (python) or another frameworks. Too many to cove in one answer, search on google

computer programs is really broad, many languages qualify. You will have to be more specific. (python, ruby, c, c++, c#, lua and too many to list)

android: java
apple: swift(2)
windows phone: C# (i believe)

I would recommend javascript or jQuery. jQuery is great for animation, and javascript is good for game programs.

javascript for game programs? In webpages in a canvas yes, apart from that? Not really

Computer programs have lots of options, but I’m 99% sure that Javascript isn’t one. Here are some options for mobile development:

Recommended: Swift
NOT recommended, still a valid language: Objective C (not sure if can be used for WatchOS)


Windows phone:
It’s complicated ;)…

Instead of learning a bunch of languages at once, I suggest that you focus on one for a while, until you get the basics down, then test your skills with some small projects.

I’d go for python, it is used for a bunch of things and has a great community, not to mention being very readable. It’s also considered one of the three languages that’s dominated IT.

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