Help choosing a goal to start pursuing

Hi! My name’s Carlo and I’m trying to figure out how to design a path for me to follow.

I’ve studied programming before but it was a long time ago. Still, I’m not a total beginner. I’ve studied Python, HTML, CSS, Assembly, and a bit of C.

I’ve read it’s better to choose your end goal and then work backwards, acquiring the skills necessary to enter that field. Problem is, there’s lots of types of developers.

Could anyone help me narrowing down my options so it’s easier to begin (maybe with some advice on the best fields to begin with, in terms of being easier to learn and to break into)? Codeacademy offers computer science, web development and data science as choices. Are they broad enough for me to start with one of them and worry about more specific types of development later? Also, I’ve read that it’s good to simply start with learning a language before worrying about that, so I’ve started studying Python again. Would you say it’s a good way to start?

If I left out anything important please feel free to ask and pm me.

Thank you for your help!


I think it is. It is also a good idea to do at least 1 hour of coding a day. Keeps you sharp and it helps you learn very fast.

I don’t think this is completely true. You should never put all your eggs in the same basket. It might be Different if you know exactly what you like, but if not you should check out everything a bit.

some global options in the coding industries:

  • Data analyse (you would be working with a lot of algebra and math, used in research fields)
  • Game industry
  • Web development (full stack/ front end/ back end)
  • Mobile development
  • Machine learning
  • Ai (mostly used in game development but a different branch non the less)
  • Robotics (mentioning this because you said you have assembly experience)

There are probably way more than just this. It kinda depends on what is currently needed in the industry.
Also you can follow your own path and create a new field. New things are invented every day and some of them are in a field that did not exist previously.

My advice: Try things out till you find something you like. Once you find what you like, you would probably find out you already know enough of it to enter that field.


Thank you for answering! I’m doing codeacamy’s python course and trying to code for at least an hour a day as you said. So, you think I should do everything a bit first, right? I’ll try taking a few different courses on codeacademy to try it out since I won’t be able to do the three paths (I believe it’s for pro users and I only have the trial period). I’ve taken code foundation to see if it helped, and I’m half way through “Learn Python 2”. I’ll have a more thorough look at the fields you mentioned and see what interests me the most.

Also, would you or anyone recommend other free or inexpensive sources to study from apart from codeacademy? I know freecodecamp for web dev. Are books worth it?

Thank you so much for answering, I really appreciate it and hope you have a great day!

From the courses you’ve already taken taking Python to review is good. But you’ve done also HTML and CSS, so maybe try JS so that you know the core three web languages. This decision is yours, and you may wish to learn differently and I understand that. So for my decisions, finish up Python or maybe do JS.

I hope this helps =)

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Thanks for the reply! I’ve seen the basics of html and css, nothing too fancy. I’m 75% through with the Python 2 course. I’ll have a look at JS after I’ve finished :slight_smile:

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Your welcome! Thanks for choosing JS!