Help before I give up


I'm stuck on the first part of this lesson. I'm supposed to change the font, color, and etc. of my header, but I cant figure this out for the life of me. I am putting down the code I am instructed to in the main.css part, but I'm not getting the same result as the example. For example the first line I have to put shows a .nav(in white) with a space, an "a"(in purple), then a {(in white), so ".nav a {". When I type that line in I get a red .nav, a white "a", and a white bracket.
The color schemes continue to stay off after typing in the entire code, and when I finished, there was no effect. I reread everything preceding this lesson twice and I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. Please help.


The syntax highlighting is different in the editor and the instructions so don't worry about those not matching.

If you post your code here then I can have a look.


Actually, thank you, knowing the color scheme wasn't the problem made me look at my code again. I had a colon where a semi-colon should have been. I just finally passed the first lesson and now on the second. Thanks for the help, and I'm an idiot. :sweat_smile: