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var count=0;

var loop = function(3) {
    while(count < 3){
        //Your code goes here!
        console.log("I'm looping!");



The problem here is that when you create a function you dont have the right syntax. This is how you do it:

var loop = function(){


Thats the old way, the new editon of javascript(you will see more people use this) is:

function loop(){


Hope this helped. And dont forget to read the link i gave you on top. Have a good day


As said elsewhere I guess its not about being old or new they're both part of the ECMA Standard. Also you're fine using any of these in the exercises.

The problem about @kori_r 's post is that he uses 3 as a parameter. But parameters need to be variable name. E.g. here count would be a good idea than you'd not need to use var count = 0; outside of the function. Or if you don't use this parameter simply don't make one an just use function() and loop().