HEllP 3/7 github


i type
cd personal-webisite
git init
i dont get an error i just get it loading
pls help :smiley:


Most commands give feedback when they fail, you will have to consider how that feedback relates to what you were trying to do. If, for instance you misspelled the directory name, then you would be told that there is no such directory. If you then created a repository despite not having changed into the directory you wanted to go, then you would have done so in the wrong place, wouldn't you?

Not sure what you mean by loading, are you perhaps talking about the website rather than the commands you entered?


i dont get a error it thinks and then does nothing


You seem to be saying that you're supposed to create a git repository in ~/workspace/personal-website but that the exercise checkpoint isn't passing you. All I know is what you say you typed and that something is thinking. That's not much to go by.

If the exercise checkpoint isn't passing you, then perhaps it's asking for something else, or perhaps you haven't created that repository, perhaps you created one somewhere else. Navigate to that location and do ls -a to see if there's a .git directory in that location


hey i think the code is git install


Hello, i have the same problem, i write what the instructions said but i can`t past the second step.
I rezolved this, you need to write first: cd personal-website and than: git init personal-website


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