hello please someone can help me with this:
initialize total variable which will sum integer values entered

initialize items variable which will build a string of the integer inputs separated with a new line character

define the adding_report function with one parameter report that will be a string with default of “T”

inside the function build a forever loop (infinite while loop) and inside the loop complete the following

use a variable to gather input (integer or “Q”)
check if the input string is a digit (integer) and if it is…
add input iteger to total
if report type is “A” add the numeric character(s) to the item string seperated by a new line
if not a digit, check if the input string is “Q” or starts with a “Q”, if “Q” then…
if the report type is “A” print out all the integer items entered and the sum total
if report type is “T” then print out the sum total only
break out of while loop to end the function after printing the report (“A” or “T”)
if not a digit and if not a “Q” then print a message that the “input is invalid”
Call the adding_report function with “A” and then with “T” report parameters


What do you need help with? There are no specific questions within your topic


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