Hello, yes this is a dog



Im not sure what is wrong, it says this: (Oops, try again. It appears that your sayHello method doesn't properly log to the console 'Hello this is a [breed] dog' where [breed] is the breed of the Dog)

function Dog (breed) {
    this.breed = breed;

Dog.prototype.sayHello = function() {
    console.log("Hello this is a " + this.breed + "dog")

var yourDog = new Dog("golden retriever " );

var myDog = new Dog("dachshund ");


The trailing spaces may be messing with the SCT. Remove the spaces from your arguments, and add one to " dog".


I tried to do that, but I got the same message. Should I just skip it or is there anything else I can do?


I just found spaces after yourDog and myDog, thanks for your help!


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