Hello World and Hello Coding


Hi all, I'm William Wallace Friedrich. Age >= 13. and no... I'm not that William Wallace. The first question that I will take is how I got started, thank you for asking that excellent question sir. When I was just a lad of the extremely young age of 11, then I discovered a site called Khan Academy. It seems like eons ago that I started on Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a site similar to Codecademy; it is a non-profit site that teaches people how to do things. Now, back on topic. At first then I only did math and science on Khan Academy, but soon discovered that they had a programming section. It sounded interesting so I decided to go check it out.

Not long after then I was making programs left and right, I really enjoyed it. I then looked for more and more resources for programming. Soon after then one of my siblings said that they had heard of a site called Codecademy, so I decided to go ahead and take a look. There were lots of courses on Codecademy that I could learn. I decided to start with html & css and Java Script because I was pretty familiar with them.

However, after about 6 months of coding then one of my brothers by the name of Joseph, discovered that I had been using his email for my account (I don't and won't have an email until 14). Showing me all the brotherly love that brothers usually except towards one another... he deleted my account.

After the meeting of my account, then I remained inactive on Codecademy for a while. I was extremely busy with school and couldn't find the time to even surf the internet very much. However, after about a year (because I do school over the Summer as well) then I discovered some of my dads program ing books (him being a programmer himself). I started to look through them, and knew in that moment that I wanted to do coding again. I started another Codecademy account that day using my dads email, and I started off once again. I have been coding since early January now and have completed four courses, many more on their way to completion.

One last paragraph then I will have to say farewell for the moment. Lately then I have become very interested in Apples language Swift. I have been finding as many resources as I possibly can including Stanford courses (which require moderate understanding of programming moderate to understand), courses from theNewBoston (which requires pretty much no understanding of programming, probably because he's so good :slight_smile: ), and many others. I have lately been learning sprite kit and core animation, and want to make a side scroller game soon as I learn more and more about the amazing work of animation.

So far I have completed six courses on codecademy, and hope to complete many more in the future to expand my knowledge of programming. I hope that you enjoy codecademy as much as I do, thank you for reading, and I hope that no matter what you do then you have a bright and happy future :slight_smile: